Wildern Swim School

Learning to swim is a key life skill that everyone can achieve. It is fun, good for your health and can save your life too! Quite simply it is never too early, or too late to learn to swim and we have lessons for all ages and abilities.

Your child can start their swimming journey with us in our Parent and Toddler lessons once they are 4 months old. In these first steps lessons children will learn to become comfortable in the water and begin learning the foundations of floating, rolling and kicking.

As they get older they will move through the lessons and start developing their skills further. They will learn to put their faces in and dive under the water, to float on their front and back and to use floats and woggles to propel themselves across the pool with and without you. These lessons are very play based and 

Once they reach 3 and you and the instructor both think they are ready the children will move into our Dolphins lessons. The ratio in dolphins in 1:4 and it will be your childs first opportunity to experience the lessons without you.

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